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Every home has pockets, if not roomfuls, of space that homeowners either overlook, take for granted, or simply don’t know what to do with. Remodeling unused spaces can do wonders to improve the functionality and quality of your entire home. Plus, enhancing an unused area gives your home an immediate makeover and provides you additional living space. As a bonus, remodeling unused spaces can often add financial value to your home, especially when done well. Read on for five tips for making the most of the space of you have.

Set a Budget

First things first: financials. Whether you’re turning an attic into an office or carving a study nook out of an extra closet, expenses can add up fast. You’ll want to factor in obvious costs such as supplies, labor, and basic aesthetics like paint and caulk. Because your space will be completely remodeled, you’ll need a design budget, too. Prioritize the necessities and set aside a small fund for extras that pop up as you go.  

Think Outside the Box

Your renovation is an opportunity to express your creativity through structure and design. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! Consult social media and other platforms for renovation and decor ideas. There are entire communities dedicated to crafty, quirky takes on otherwise traditional homes. There are no “rules” – but extra points for creativity!

Don’t Forget the Small Spaces

If you don’t have a dedicated area ready for a renovation like an attic or basement, it doesn’t mean there aren’t some great ways to add more value to your living space. Take inventory of any and all unused or under-used space in your home. A deep closet under the stairs can become a kids toy room. An extra five feet of corner space in the muck room can become a dog washing station. Build a faux mantle using bookshelves to line a bare wall under a mounted television. No space is out of the question.

Focus on What Your Family Needs

A good way to make sure you’re making the most of your renovation is to focus first on the needs of your family. If there’s been a pain point for say, more homework or study space, then making the most of your den or office space is key. Every home will have its own unique needs; you’ll want to figure out what yours are before you go hunting for space to make it happen.

Treat Yourself

Once you’ve established the space you’re renovating, the need your space will fulfill, and what your budget is, the rest is all about imagination and implementation. It’s important to remember that this newly-created space will be a permanent part of your home. You’ll want to take care that it reflects the overall vision you had in mind. Above all, treat yourself when you can. Take allowances to make sure your living space matches your best vision so that you’re happy with it long-term. There’s nothing worse than taking shortcuts and ending up dissatisfied with the final product. Keep some wiggle room in your budget for last minute finishing touches that really make your new space pop!