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Your Appliances Are Your Cornerstone   

There are a ton of excellent ways to take your kitchen in a retro direction. From checkered floors and old simplistic appliances to simple cozy cabinets and elegant vintage barstools and chairs. The great thing about doing a vintage designed kitchen is that so many different things can efficiently work together to create this look. Your appliances are key. Vintage appliances can be found relatively easy with just a bit of browsing at your local flea markets, Trade Shows, or even Auctions. Although they may not come cheap, they will be essential in a retro remodel as new age appliances in a design from 50 years ago would not make sense.

You would be surprised just how easy it is to get most of these appliances back to working order and refinished to fit your design. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that there are a lot of companies that make brand new appliances that are made to look retro that may save you some time. Any way you go about it make sure you keep functionality in mind as some may be lacking in that department and won’t make for a suitable medium. 

Choosing The Right Colors Are Key  

The colors that you use will play a huge roll in your retro design journey as some of the colors used today were not used during those fantastic times. Bright, vibrant colors and beautiful pastels are in places that we would not put them in a modern kitchen such as directly on the appliances, countertops, barstools, or accent chairs. It’s not uncommon to see robin’s egg blue refrigerators or bright red trim work around countertops. Color is beautiful, so do not be afraid to get crazy with this one. Nearly anything you choose to go with is going to match up as long as you pick 2 or 3 and stick with them. It is always a good idea to use the internet for reference when choosing color schemes for your kitchen remodel for any era.

Retro Flooring To Step Back In Time 

It is hard to go wrong with a checkered floor when considering a retro design for your kitchen. This adaptation comes from the many dinners of that era that inspired a happy time in the Americana tradition. If you aren’t too keen on the checkered floor pattern, a beautiful vintage wood pattern is another great option. Nowadays, it is hard to tell real wood from artificial, and the synthetic wooden panels are incredibly durable, making them a more effective and less expensive alternative to many applications. One of the best things about artificial wooden floor panels is there is no need for finishing. You pick your pre desired finish and make your purchase. Finally, a great idea is the traditional concrete finished flooring with retro graphics. Retro graphics can be purchased almost anywhere online and apply within minutes to nearly any surface, adding a little more fun to the project.     

Put Some History In Your Accent Pieces

Accent pieces such as pictures, memorabilia, signs, and kitchenware will play a vital role in the presentation of your new retro designed kitchen. One way to find vintage photographs is to do a google image search and print what you want then put them into some lovely reproduced old-style frames to give off the illusion of the past. You can also find tons of vintage memorabilia such as signs, glassware, and runners online, and although often reproductions, they get the job done. 

If you enjoy digging through the past at your local flea markets and vintage shops, then you will be in heaven with this part of the remodel as they are loaded with all of the things that you may typically never use, but are perfect for a blast from the past kitchen. Remember to keep your accent pieces correct to the period as you wouldn’t want a blender from the 60s sitting next to a picture from the 80s. Keep a close eye on your budget, and remember to wheel and deal on these items as much as you can, and you will often get them for just a fraction of the shop owners asking prices. 

Lighting Up The Kitchen Retro Style 

Lighting is essential in any remodel, but especially in the kitchen. You are going to want to optimize your lighting for efficiency and functionality while being able to keep correct to the period of whatever retro era you choose for your project. First and foremost, keep in mind that pure white light did not exist back then, so soft, warm ambient lighting is the way to go. Low hanging lamps in a row are a great way to light up the area over a sink or bar to give off that cozy vintage feel and ample light for doing kitchen duties or snacking. Edison bulbs are beautiful and now easily attained at your local hardware store and even some large chain retail stores. In other words, steer clear of LEDs unless the actual light is out of clear view. 

If you go with a checkered floor retro style design, running lights under the bar and over the stove hood are an excellent idea. Remember to keep the lighting functional so that we don’t get stuck trying to work in a dimly lit kitchen. The option of bright lights hidden in old lampshades with dimmers and multiple optional colors is always a fun, great way to go.