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Why Do You Want To Remodel Your Kitchen?

When setting out to remodel a kitchen, we have to ask ourselves what the purpose of the endeavor is because this will determine the budget. Are we just tired of the design and looking to spruce it up, making it more aesthetically pleasing or, is it about getting more functionality out of the space? Maybe it’s both, which is an excellent medium to shoot for in most cases. With proper planning, we can get a visually pleasing upgrade while also bringing the functionality up to par to make it a place we love spending time.

Is Your Space Adequate For The Remodel?

Keep in mind that some spaces are not going to accommodate all of the beautiful upgrades that you want. Optimization of your area may require alterations to plans or sacrifice on either design or functionality. In smaller spaces, there are things to consider, such as a more open floor plan for that area or space-saving appliances. Often, great design will involve colors optimal for smaller spaces to make them seem and feel larger. Whatever the case may be, a realistic goal for the area that you have is essential, as this is something that can turn into a considerable headache later if not taken into consideration early on.  

Do You Plan To Relocate Major Any Plumbing?

Sometimes with a kitchen remodel, we will decide what we want to either move or upgrade the plumbing such as the sink or a refrigerator connected to a water line. Remember that moving major plumbing such as this can be costly and is not an easy task. It is always best to consult a professional if this is part of the plans as a possibly faulty plumbing job could completely ruin newly remodeled work.

How Much Storage Do You Need?  

Cabinet space is a must, but how much do we need? For some, there can never be enough. As with others, the most minimal amount is perfect. A great way to factor cabinet space is to go through your kitchen before the remodel and do an inventory of how much space you are currently utilizing. You will need a good idea of how much you can either downsize or may want to upgrade the cabinet space to suit your needs. There are many new ways to keep cabinet space trendy and functional such as open cabinets or even hidden cabinets. Remember, cabinets are for storage, and showing them off is not always the new norm when it comes to trends and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Is Your Remodel Realistic To Your Budget?

We all want the most bang for our buck, but with the kitchen often being the most expensive room in our home, that budget can be blown out of the water pretty quickly if we aren’t careful. Upgrades to existing appliances aren’t cheap, so its always best to make sure that what we have listed as a need isn’t a want when trying to stick to the budget. If we can’t live without certain things, then other items may need to be done more cheaply to make up for the cost.

If the design is more critical than upgrades to appliances, then it will be an easier task, but it is always best to do the math and always overshoot the cost pretty substantially to stay within your budget. If you are doing the remodel yourself, then what you will need to spend will be significantly lower than if you need to pay a contractor. With this in mind, call around to get the best quotes possible, as all contractors will vary in what they charge.