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Nothing quite shows the display of elegance like marble. Marble, found in quarries throughout the world and converted to products that enhance home designs, can be utilized in furniture, dishes, tiles, and even exterior elements. For outdoor spaces, having a marble fountain has been the cornerstone of many gardens, and offering visitors to walk through marble arches on their way to your home entrance provides a wonderful introduction to your property. With the various uses of marble in design, both indoor and outdoor, it helps to learn about the multitude of types, many which reflect the natural beauty of Earth in their own unique ways. The total list of different types can be overwhelming, so we’ve covered some of the most popular and exquisite types to complement your indoor or outdoor design goals.


Discovered in Italy, Calacatta is a popular, but rare type of marble. Perhaps the most expensive marble type in our list, the design includes dark grey veins and cracked patterns over a white background. This type of marble is popular with memorials, especially statues and fountains. The strong surface promotes the flow of water and can even be used to imprint the home address or family name prominently.

Bianco Carrara

Commonly found in many homes, this marble type is typically used on countertops, bathroom walls, and kitchens. Over a white background, this marble reveals thin, veiny patterns in a grey tone, proving to be the most popular marble type. The affordability of this type contributes to its popularity, and in some homes is used as a tile for the kitchen or other rooms.


Once thought to be only a form of rock, this popular type of marble can be found in tan or beige colors. Slightly different than the traditional white and grey design of marble types, Limestone makes for a great countertop design. Since Limestone is highly porous, it is not recommended to be used for tiles or flooring due to its vulnerability to moisture.

Black Marble – Nero Portoro

The most luxurious of all marble types is likely Black Marble, especially when paired with precious metals such as gold or silver. Black Marble can be commonly seen in luxury spaces, and Nero Porturo is the type of Black Marble that contains gold streak patterns. The marble, which depicts that of a leopard’s skin, complements upscale bathroom designs.


Breccia is famously known for coming in various light colors, including pink, red, beige, and white. This is a special type due to the unpredictable colors that come from each slab. For design purposes, Breccia works great in improving the mood as a light color and is popularly used in rooms for kids.

This list of marble types will cover your bases when shopping around for an addition to your home or any design goals you have. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom or install outdoor fixtures, marble will always be a way of displaying luxury – and art – that you and your guests will all come to appreciate.