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When it comes to stone masonry, you are going to realize no matter how strong the materials are that it will likely eventually crack. However, can you repair this and is it going to cost an arm and a leg to do so?

It is possible to repair cracked stone masonry. It is best left to an expert like Castles Home Service to replace and repair and repair stone masonry.

What is Stone Masonry?

Stone masonry has been around for hundreds of years. In fact, stone masonry itself is an ancient form of masonry. It was thought that because the stone is so strong that it would last a lifetime. Which, in all reality, it really can, but many people opt out of using old-fashioned techniques and use modern ones. Modern techniques of installing masonry have been proven to make the stone less durable and more prone to cracking or falling.

Brick is one of the most common materials used in masonry, and it is made of fired clay. It is popular because it comes in many different colors. It is one of the more high-priced finishes, but it is great because it repels water and is easy to maintain. Plus, in the long run, it is actually less expensive. Brick masonry will last around 100 years.

Another form of masonry is concrete block masonry. This type of work is more common among industrial building applications. This form of masonry can last anywhere from 50 to 80 years. However, these are not waterproof and will need to be resealed every 10 years.

What Causes Stone Masonry Damage?


The most obvious factor for damage to stone masonry is erosion. While erosion may not cause issues to the structure itself, it may cause outer damage. This could mean the surface stones wear away and the mortar joints have issues. This leads to cracks and taking in water.


Water is honestly, the worst enemy of stone masonry because of how it freezes and thaws. These different freeze cycles are known to cause cracks. You will notice the water is causing issues if you see discoloration on your stone. You can also expect to see dark patches. This is where the water has soaked into the surface. This is not a big deal immediately but will be in the future if not fixed.

How to Fix a Cracked Stone Masonry

One of the most common fixes is called repointing. This would mean replacing the damaged mortar between your stones or choice of material. It is important that you are replacing the old mortar with an equal strength mortar. You also want to make sure the appearance is the same as well. This will help prevent future cracking. If you add a stronger mortar mixture, your wall won’t be able to handle the freeze cycles as well.


Can you Repair Cracked Stone Masonry?  When it comes to cracked stone masonry, your best bet is to replace the problem. This can be hard an unforgiving work, but you can hire a professional like Castles Home Service to handle it for you professionally. Take a look at some of our before and after photos and you’ll see what is possible.