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Understanding how to select tiles for your shower can be quite confusing and, at times, complicated when the task is pretty simple. Knowing how you want your shower set up will determine what kind of tiles will be used as well as if you will or will not be using patterns in the design of your shower. 

Some professionals recommend keeping designs and mosaics limited to the backsplash. Keep in mind the alignment of the tiles will also play a factor in using either big or small tiles. Below, you will find some information to help you make the right choice that fits your taste and help you decide on which to use, small or big tiles.

Big vs. Small – Let the Battle Begin

As mentioned before, Big and small tiles in your shower can have various functions and styles of choice. Below you will find the differences and how they add up:

Big Tiles

Bigger tiles offer the easiest and most inexpensive option in tiling, due to its size. It can, in some experts’ opinion, be a safety hazard as the shower is the wettest part of the restroom. Because of the uniformity of the tile, the amount of traction on a damp shower floor depends on the number of seams in the grout. 

Gaining traction can often play a significant factor in using large or small tiles. If you decide to use big tiles, it is advised to check on the “coefficient of traction” or COF ratings on the flooring before the decision is made of which size to use. The shower is very wet and can be a slipping hazard.

Small Tiles

Small tiles are graded to hold the best friction in the shower and are often the safest bet when it comes to the flooring of the shower. Again, the opportunity to create higher friction for footing while in the wet shower is one of the benefits in which smaller tiles are favored in the shower. 

However, designers warn that the use of small tiles in other aspects of the shower should be limited as they can create aesthetic eyesores. Being mindful of how and what you use will be a question you will need to answer before remodeling or building your shower tile layout. 

Combination of Big and Small

The combination of the small and big tile is often the “go-to” plan when designing a shower with tile. Usually, to cover more square feet with the more prominent tile is a common choice and small used for the flooring. One combination recommended is to use the same or a slightly different size for accents or backsplash for some variations in textures.

Wrapping up

Understanding the functionality of your tile within your shower will be the critical factor when selecting the size and design of your tiled shower. Both small and large tiles have their purpose and functionality to the showering area.

Having a professional is always recommended.  As well, having a plan for the layout is a good idea. Knowing the coefficient of traction (COF) of your selection will also provide peace of mind that the choice is safe for the area that the tile will be used. 

Mosaics, simple designs, and various colors will add texture a great aesthetics to your shower and bathroom in general.