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Your kitchen is probably the one spot in your house that evokes feelings of comfort, family, and tradition. It is where you made pancakes on Sunday morning with your mom, and it’s where you pour that glass of wine for you and a friend on Friday evening after work. It can smell like coffee or lemon dish soap, and it really is the heart of the home. That is why good lighting in the kitchen is so important. You want your kitchen to feel warm and inviting. You want your lighting to be functional, and you want your lighting to fit your unique style. There are so many different types of lighting to choose from, and we’re going to give you the best tips to narrow it down!

Set the Mood

There are different types of lighting for different functions. In a kitchen, you want ambient lighting to keep your space feeling bright and airy, you want task lighting in order to fit your needs, and you will want decorative lighting to make your kitchen feel like home.

Ambient lighting is calming. The light that comes through the windows is the best source of ambient lighting, but if you do not have windows in your kitchen this can be done with chandeliers, sconces, or pendants. Adding light dimmers can also help set the mood, and it allows you to set the lighting based on the situation or time of day. 

Meet Your Needs

Your kitchen sees a lot of activity. Cooking, cleaning, eating, and gathering are all activities that take place in a kitchen. Because of this, you want your lighting to be functional. To make sure that your lighting fits your needs and your life, think about the seating areas, meal prep areas, and other places around your kitchen that need good lighting. If you have an island, you will want overhead lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is great for meal prep. Does your kitchen have a table nook? A stylish chandelier might be a good pick. Lighting above your kitchen sink and stove is also a good idea because lots of work usually happens in those areas.

Incorporate Your Style

Once you have decided on your lighting needs, it is time to hone in on your individual style. You will want to think about what types of finishes you like. Most lighting comes in an array of finishes. Silver, gold, brass, and copper are all beautiful finishes, and you will just want to choose what best matches your style and the hardware in your kitchen.

You will also want to consider light shades. Many light fixtures come with shades, and there are tons of styles available. There is everything from a more contemporary style to vintage looking shades. If your kitchen decor has a lot of clean lines, a more contemporary style will probably look best, but if your kitchen has more traditional decor, vintage, or rustic shades would be a very nice addition that can pull the whole look together.