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Getting to produce and design a kitchen that would make even Gordon Ramsey grow with envy takes guts and a little planning to execute. Efficiency, ease of cleanliness, and a touch of aesthetics are all it takes to get that fabulous kitchen up to that pro-level status.

Get that cooking hat and architect digest ready to go as you will read below five great ideas to spruce up your home kitchen design.

As mentioned before, the kitchen has a variety of functions and styles of choice. Below you will find the top five list:

 The Work Pyramid

 In essence, the pyramid is a triangle, in which many top designers and world-class chefs recommend that your work area not be more than twenty-six feet. Also, between each section from the prep to the cleaning to the cooking area should be no more than four feet to nine feet away from one another. 

These measurements will help to keep your area primed for efficiency.

 The Bling in steel, stainless steel

Many professional designers time and time again refer to stainless steel as their choice for surface areas. Stainless steel gives any home kitchen that top-end feel to the look of a professional kitchen. 

Hygiene and longevity are the primary functions of stainless steel in the kitchen. Because the steel is not porous, those nasty germs have nowhere to run and hide. Also, the steel will not stain if that world-class tomato sauce is accidentally spilled. Side bonus, it cleans up really easy.

Send them to the RACK!

Depending on your style in how you want to set up the tools of your trade, a rack might be a good idea. Functional utensil rods to house all your cooking, baking, cleaning, and other food making tools can be conveniently placed, and accessible. Often this display can have add an aesthetic accent to your neutral background colors, and let’s face it. At times it’s cool to show off.

Smart Storage and Barstools

Part of this tip is having a plan for what is coming up on the menu. Knowing a plan will help you shop better and store. Once you have an idea, the storage of perishables and non-perishables can have a significant impact on the look and feel of the space. Plan ahead and plan accordingly. Another tip is maximizing the space for friends and family. Bar stools come in many shapes and sizes.  Doubling the island or countertop as a bar area can help give extra hosting space. Also, bar stools can add a touch of modern or vintage depending on style and selection.

Overhead Lights

Pendant lights give your kitchen area a sleek look, depending on the style and intensity of light. Though they look like heating lamps, their functionality is to illuminate and give the space more light when it is needed. Keep in mind, it is crucial to have your cooking area well-lit when handling foods that need to be inspected and cut. 

Seeing what you are making or cutting is also a safety factor, however, what is to say it can’t be classy also.

Final Thoughts

In reflection, understanding design does not need to be a full-time job or require a four-year degree. Having a flow of work, functional work area, storage, planning, and the illumination of the work area can make your kitchen fun and easy on the eyes. Enjoy these simple steps and ideas which are used in everyday industrial kitchens and executive chef’s own home kitchens. 

Seize the day and get your cooking on!