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Stone tiles are a great addition to any home that will stand the test of time. Unlike other flooring options, stone tiles are largely fixable and resist a good amount of wear, making them able to last your family for years to come.  

When considering home renovations, it’s important to know the facts around stone tiles so that you can ensure that they are a great fit for your household. 

1. Color Variety

Contrary to popular belief, stone tiles come in many colors outside of black or gray. Slate alone can come in deep metallics, green, purple, and blue. 
If you’re looking for a more natural look, natural stone varieties such as marble and Limestone come built with beautiful colors and patterns to brighten up any room. Natural veins and cracks in the stone can convey a more rustic look, and add to your patio’s atmosphere. 

Without a doubt, you’re able to find stone tiles that will match the preexisting color palette of your home.

2. Multiple Uses

Stone tiles are not just limited to flooring. Stone is one of the oldest building materials on the planet, it’s no wonder that it’s so versatile.

Many stone varieties are naturally porous, which makes them excellent water absorbers. That being said, stone tiles are a perfect addition to your shower wall or any outdoor construction. With all of the color variety, stone tiles make ornate kitchen backsplashes to add a pop of color to your home. 

Stone tiles can be used in the kitchen as countertops. In fact, marble white counters are very trendy and appear in the kitchens of many celebrity chefs. The stone alone has begun to convey an idea of luxury. 

3. Made to Last

One of the best parts about using stone tiles is that they are nature’s creation, meaning that they can certainly handle the wear and tear of home life since they are constructed to resist intense weathering. 

It’s no surprise that famous buildings such as St. Peter’s Cathedral or Michaelangelo’s David have continued to inspire artisans for years to come- Not only are these projects beautiful, but since they were constructed out of stone, they are able to last for centuries to come. 

Most stone can handle a good amount of moisture and is very easy to fix. You won’t have to worry about kids or pets damaging your stone tiles, as stone can always be restored. 

4. Texture Variety

When picking out your stone tiles, it’s important to consider texture as one of your deciding factors. Stones naturally have different surface types, and perforations and indentations can add unique patterns to stone, giving your home the niche look you’re seeking. 

Moreover, you should also look into the level of gloss. Stone is super flexible in terms of appearance, and a matte/glossy look can completely alter the aura of a room. 

All in all, stone tiles stand as a durable, beautiful home decorating material. Have fun using nature’s building blocks to make your home yours.