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We have many customers that are interested in designing a farmhouse kitchen. Reality TV shows have made this a popular option with those undertaking renovations. We’ll cover what a farmhouse kitchen is, and how you can get the look in your own home.

How to Get the Vintage Look

One of the main things that makes a farmhouse kitchen unique is the vintage look. Vintage furniture, items such as lanterns or milk jugs, and farm tools are all easy to get your hands on and make the farmhouse statement loud and clear. A good place to find these items is at an antique store or auction. You may be able to score some items from your parents or grandparents’ garages, and you may find a great piece or two at the local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Paint Can Work Wonders

Another piece to creating the vintage look is paint. Farmhouse kitchens, though traditionally white, can look even more stunning with a touch of color. An example is an open space theme with grey painted cabinets and open shelving. Other options could include sea green, country blue, or even periwinkle.

Add an Island

If you have an island or are considering building one, this is a great way to incorporate brick and/or barn wood into your kitchen. A simple cover-up on each side of the island with barn wood can be done in a weekend. If you are building from scratch, try using some brick accents in your building plans. A fancy wooden design can be used as well and when combined with open spaces or shaker style cabinetry, it gives the farmhouse theme an even more vintage look. Of course, natural stone countertops can also be an elegant part of a beautiful kitchen.

Extras Make the Difference

As far as extras, pendant lights, bar stools, a farmhouse or apron style sink can all work very well to tie it all together. The right placement of many other items can also be the key to success. A small old chicken coop, a ceramic cow, an old fashioned milk jug, a country-themed sign and a homemade quilt on display are all examples of unexpected country themed items placed in the kitchen to tie everything together. An old ice cream churn both looks nice and makes for a fun weekend activity for everyone from individuals to families.

A Feature Wall Adds Style and Can Be Useful

If you are interested in a feature wall, dark accents and plank wood can be interesting and pleasing. Perhaps an old ladder hanging from the ceiling, to which hooks are attached and cooking utensils are hung from. A few wooden spoons, an old mixing bowl, and white pitchers all placed on hooks and hanging overhead look fabulous and are within arms reach when needed.

Lighting – Keep It Natural

Another important feature is lighting. Farmhouse style is an open theme, and natural sunlight is very important. Make the most of your windows by minimizing the hardware around them, using wood frames and country-themed curtains. Designed to let as much airflow as possible through the kitchen, farmhouse kitchens are fresh so make sure to maintain the feel of fresh air. A scented candle in an old lantern-turned-candle-warmer can make the perfect addition and adds another element to the senses.

Tying It All Together

When creating your farmhouse kitchen look, gather up some of your eye-catchers, find a color to combine with a mainly white theme, decide on a type of wood whether it be salvaged barn doors or cypress wood, then work out the placements of everything. Long after the project is finished, you can always add whimsical items found at thrift stores or finish that quilt you were working on and display it in your beautiful farmhouse kitchen.