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The holidays are quickly approaching, and you’ll be in for about a month and a half of seasonal festivities. Friends and family are sure to come over, meals will be served, and good times had by all. But before the rush hits and family descends, you want to make sure your house is ready to go. So here are five easy steps to make sure your kitchen is ready for the holidays.

Deep Clean

The first thing your kitchen probably needs is a good deep clean. Even when kitchens are cleaned regularly, small crumbs, grease and oil, and dust piles up through the year. Giving your kitchen a deep clean now will make it easier to clean during the holidays when there is more traffic and food preparation happening. Deep cleaning your kitchen will also ensure it looks spotless and sparkling for your guests. Areas to pay special attention to include:

– Oven backsplash

– Inside your oven

– Sink bowl and faucet

– Flooring under cabinetry overhang

– Space under your fridge

– Inside your fridge

– The area around your trashcan

These areas often get overlooked when cleaning regularly. Take time to give these areas a thorough cleaning, and you’ll thank yourself later after the festivities.

Bring Out Your Dishes

Next, pull out all of your dishware and inspect each item. If you’re serving a crowd, make sure you have plenty of plates, bowls, silverware, and serving ware. In general, if you’re planning on having ten people over, have fifteen sets of everything. This way, you’ll be prepared if an uninvited guest arrives, a bowl gets broken or dropped, or if you can’t get to the dishes right away. Wash all serving ware if it hasn’t been used in several months to wipe away any trace of dust.

Stock Your Pantry and Spice Rack

At least a week before guests arrive, take stock of what you have available in your pantry and grocery shop accordingly. Be sure to have extras of staples like coffee, sugar, flour, bread, breakfast items, and fruit. Add extra canned goods to your cart so you’ll have extra supplies in case of an unexpected arrival. Repeat the procedure with your spice rack. Check recipes for needed spices and take stock of what you have available. Find their best-by dates, and if they’re out of date, purchase new spices.

Sharpen Knives

Knife sharpening is a step often overlooked until it’s time to carve the Thanksgiving turkey or holiday ham. Sharpen all knives you’ll be using for meal prep as well as carving. A sharp knife will ensure ease of preparation and safety. Sharp knives are safer than dull ones and will save you valuable time during the holidays.


Finally, when your kitchen is cleaned, your pantry is stocked, your plates are ready, and your knives are sharp, have a little fun! Decorate your kitchen with festive towels, vases, flowers, and decorative plates. This will give your kitchen a warm and inviting feel for all who enter. Place towels on your oven and dishwasher doors, a plate with fresh baked cookies on the island, and a bowl with holiday-themed candy on the counter for all who wander through.

Following these five easy steps will have your kitchen ready for a house full of holiday fun!