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Whether new tile can be matched to old tile is a common dilemma among homeowners, especially when a tile becomes damaged or is broken. The answer to whether you can match new tile or not is yes. It was more common for older tiles to be 12- by 12- inches instead of the 16- and 20- inch tiles that have become popular today. Even if your old tile is broken or has been damaged in other ways, you can replace it with a new one that will blend in with the original floor plan. Here are five ways to match new tile flooring in your home.

Hunt for the Original Tiles

Do your research because you never know if you might find the same tile as the original one. Visit stores in person, check out websites, and take advantage of the filtering system that has been designed to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for a tile in a certain shape and color, enter those factors into the filtering system. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll get to where you want to be.

Find a Close Match

What if you can’t find a match to your original tile no matter how hard you researched? That’s okay because you’ll at least be able to find a close match that will not only solve your problems but will also look great. Take a piece of your tile with you to a local store and hold it next to other tiles until you find the tile that looks closest to it. Don’t be afraid to ask an employee for help. Online retailers will also accept pictures of your tile being emailed to them so that they can better assist you as well.

Avoid the New Combined With Old Look

A common mistake among homeowners is matching new tile based on what’s trendy and fresh on the market. As stated previously, newer tiles aren’t the same as older tiles, and what’s trendy has a different meaning in today’s age versus the 1900s. When matching your tile, consider the time frame your house was built in. You don’t want to put trendy tiles from 2019 into a bathroom with a 50’s style bathtub, sink, and toilet. You will hate it.

Use Care When Designing

Matching tile is an art, and it’s easy to mess up and create a piece that just doesn’t look good. So when you’re shopping, don’t throw colors and designs together. Take every piece into consideration. Pair patterns with plain tiles and make sure to limit your color palette. A rule of thumb when matching tile is to vary in shapes, not color.

Be Consistent

If one area is going to look a certain way, then so should the rest of the room. Match the tiles the exact same way for each square foot. You can use different sizes and colors but keep the shapes and design the same for the entire area.