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What is a Honed Countertop?

A new appearance in countertop surfaces, called honed, is becoming increasingly more popular. What is a honed countertop? It is made of the same materials as the glossy polished countertop but is instead fabricated to have a matte finish.  

This matte finish is also called leathered and is similar to the suede finish offered by some manufacturers. 

Honed Countertop Benefits

Why choose a honed countertop? There are several reasons people are opting for the trend. One top reason is that it’s easy on the eyes. While LED lights can reflect off polished countertops, the honed countertop absorbs the light. The look of honed quartz is more casual than polished quartz, appearing similar to slate, concrete, or limestone while maintaining the low porosity of a high-quality stone countertop. A honed granite countertop can appear similar to soapstone while being more cost-effective.

Polished Countertop Benefits

So then why are some people still choosing the traditional polished countertop? A polished countertop is still your best option if you mind maintenance. For example, a polished quartz countertop might never need refinishing and a polished granite only once every year or two, while a honed granite countertop could call for resealing every few months. Also, if fingerprints bother you, a honed countertop will have you reaching for the cleaning spray more often. The same goes for stains, which are more prevalent with the honed finish.

Weighing the Options

Still undecided? Since the durability between the two styles is the same,  we will focus on the look. If you prefer the fancy look of the stone’s veins along with the bold colors and beautiful patterns that come with certain stones, a polished finish is the way to go. The polished finish showcases the stones deep color and saturation.  However, if a soft, muted look would better show off your cabinets and wall décor, you may want to opt for the quieter honed finish. The honed finish is softer, it is a milk and cookies kitchen while the polished countertop kitchen is caviar and wine. Will you be using your countertop often for chopping and cutting? Nicks and cuts show up more in a polished countertop, while crumbs are more apparent on the honed finish.   

The Choice is Personal in the End

All in all, the decision is a personal style choice, not unlike choosing a new car, an outfit, or a piece of furniture; you must decide which features are most important. A brief recap of the major differences, or points to consider includes; need for light absorption, kitchen theme (sharp and polished or cozy and relaxed), cost, maintenance, daily use resulting in stains and fingerprints, and which one makes you want to spend time in the kitchen?