The modern-day kitchen is not only a place to prepare our meals but to enjoy quality time with family while making precious memories, to entertain guests with good food and good times, and should be a comforting place in the home that exudes the character and love shared by its inhabitants.  Therefore, the kitchen should not only represent each homes unique style but remain functional and maintain a stress-free cooking environment. Here are some tips to help create a kitchen that is functional, enjoyable, and stress-free.

Make Use of Shelves

Shelves are a simple way to take advantage of the vertical space your kitchen provides. Whether floating on the wall, inside cabinets or an island, make sure they are adjusted properly to most efficiently use the space.

Keep Items You Use Most Often Within Reach

You can hang kitchen utensils for cooking on a rack at eye level, or in something such as a jar or pitcher on the counter next to the stove for easy access. Place items you use less often above or below functional height as you need to retrieve them far less.

Use Racks to Store Plates and Baking Pans

Installing a vertical slat system within a cabinet is an easy way to organize better and store slim items such as plates, baking sheets, trays, and cutting boards.

Straighten Out the Clutter Under the Sink

Make use of stackable organizers, baskets, and hooks for your doors to revamp the mess under your sink and turn it into an easy to access storage space.

Use Labels, Containers, and Jars

Have a designated container with the appropriate label on it to store things like sugar, flour, baking soda, cereal, and other food items that can be more easily stored when stacked and clearly identified.

Consolidate Soaps

Keep your counter and sink area free of clutter and soap scum by using a dish or stand to keep your soaps together and up off your counter surfaces.

Upgrade the Pantry

Overhaul your pantry with shelving and hanging rack systems that are able to use the area on your door and wall space in your pantry to better store food and other kitchen items out of sight and out of your way.

Hang Measuring Tools on Cabinet Door

Hooks on the inside of an upper cabinet door are a great way to store your measuring spoons according to volume and usage.

Drawer Dividers

A simple drawer divider can be slid into place and used to keep larger kitchen utensils organized and maximize drawer storage space.

Pull Out Shelves

Replace fixed shelves in lower cabinets with pull out drawers to easier access and make use of even the back of your cabinets.

Store Appliances You Use Less Frequently

Appliances such as blenders, mixers, can openers, and toasters can be put away so as to have less clutter and more open counter space to make use of for cooking preparation and everyday living.

These ideas are simple yet effective in producing a kitchen that is beautiful as well as practical, furnishing your home with a space of warmth and convenience to take pride in.