In today’s world of DIY, flipping, or design hacks, it’s easy to mistake quality work for that of a wannabe Chip Gaines on a budget! When it comes to your home, you do not want to skimp on quality for aesthetics; YOU LIVE HERE. Trust me when I tell you, at 11 pm when an electrical socket stops working, you’ve cut power to the entire home, and you are pulling that socket out to examine it, the last thing you want to hear is your “custom backsplash” falling off of the wall and crumbling. Here are some tips to ensure your backsplash looks great and stays that way:

Poorly Prepped Walls:

A backsplash update can seem so unassuming; just go, pick out some tiles that make your heart smile, grab a little grout and go! Quick weekend project, right? While it can be, the preparation of the walls is fundamental to the quality and longevity of your work. Adhesive and tiles will not properly stick to walls with grease stains and fingerprints, common demons in the high traffic kitchen area! Before you hit your local hardware store, be sure to give your kitchen a deep clean!

Ugly Grout:

Tile can be a beautiful statement to any room, but if the grout is not spread or treated properly, your project will be unnoticeable under this mistake. Crisp and clean grout lines will keep the tile work looking wonderful, and regular maintenance and cleaning will keep it looking new for years!

Not Accounting for Water and Humidity:

If you are installing tile in an area that water frequently reaches, a waterproof backer board will need to be installed to stop water from seeping into any small cracks. This oversight often leads to warping, or damaged tiles, which can become unsightly!

Proper Measurement for Outlets:

When cutting your tile, or tile sheets, electrical outlets need to be accounted for. Even the most precise measurements can leave small gaps around outlets, so we recommend saving trimmed pieces to fit into those tiny areas to guarantee a professional finish to your project.

Caulk with Caution:

Much like ugly grout, a bad caulk job can totally take away from all of your hard work. Using a caulk that matches your grout, and a dripless caulk gun can make sure that the area is sealed, and seamless!

Don’t Forget the Clean Up:

Tiling can be tedious work, and after completing your project you are going to want to sit back and admire! But once the grout film has dried, be sure to circle back and diligently clean away any remaining film or debris with a microfiber towel. Failure to finish this step can lead to excess grout drying on the new tiles and creating a filmy or muddy haze that will be impossible to eliminate!

If you cannot consult a local professional to help with tile installation, be sure to follow this guide for the best results! Happy DIY’ing!