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Whether you’re moving, planning a remodel, or want to change up your living space, an open floorplan with an integrated kitchen and living area is the way to go. There are many benefits to this growing trend in home design. If you’re thinking of joining in but still need some convincing, here are five reasons why you should integrate your kitchen and living area.

Family Bonding and Socializing

Family togetherness is one of the best reasons to break down the walls between your kitchen and living room. If you want more family bonding time and an enhanced ability to socialize while you’re cooking meals, an open floor plan is the way to go. Knocking down the walls between rooms allows for conversations to take place seamlessly between both rooms. Whether children are completing homework, friends are watching TV, or you’re having a dinner party, you can join the conversation no matter what you’re doing in the kitchen.

Hosting Parties

When hosting parties, an open floor plan benefits both host and party flow. By having one spacious room, food can easily flow from kitchen to sitting areas in the living room. This type of setup also allows the host to prepare food while taking part in pictures, conversations, storytelling, and memory-making. No longer does the host have to be separated from the party by a wall simply because they’re in the kitchen. Guests can also pitch in and help prepare food or serve it due to ease of accessing both the kitchen and living areas at the same time.

Spacious Feel

An open floor plan creates a spacious feel even for smaller homes. By keeping the walk-through areas free of clutter, you’ll create smooth traffic flow from one room to the other. Integrated design allows for maximized furniture placement. No wall between the kitchen and living area means more floor space and memory-making in a spacious-feeling room.


When hosting, an open floor plan connecting the kitchen and living area creates a single multi-functional great-room. Use your kitchen counter to set up an easily accessible hot chocolate bar when hosting parties. Babysit children or watch your own playing in the living area while you’re making supper. Host a reading club and provide charcuterie or small appetizers for a fun flow of conversation and food the entire time. No matter what you want to do with an open floor plan, nearly any idea is possible. 

Shared Lighting

Perhaps one of the best perks of having an open floor plan is the shared lighting. Living areas usually have the best natural light in the entire house. Kitchens, on the other hand, sometimes get short-changed. By taking down walls to create one large room, kitchens will be able to maximize shared lighting from living areas. When natural light flows from one end of the room to the other, the entire area will take on a light and airy feel perfect for hosting any party.