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Whether you are gearing up for a full kitchen remodel, replacing a countertop that is damaged, or installing a new stone countertop for any other reason, you are going to want to spend a little time studying your options for this fairly significant investment.  True, it’s not the biggest investment that you might make in your home, but it’s something that will cost enough money and time that, once completed, it is unlikely that the thought of ripping it out and replacing it with something new, at least in the immediate future, will be something that you will want to deal with.  There’s no way to put every option available into this short article, but the information below should, at least, give you a good start on the journey.

Stone Type Materials

Quartz:  Made from ground quartz, nearly as hard as diamonds, that is then mixed with resin. This is easily one of the most durable materials available; the only danger for a quartz countertop is heat.  The other things that are common dangers to a countertop, however, such as knives and utensils, won’t be a problem with a quartz countertop. Also, unlike natural stone and concrete, this material does not need to be sealed.

Granite:  A very durable and heat resistant material, it can be on the pricey side and requires sealing to resist stains.  It is, however, far more available than it used to be and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. 

Marble:  Another well-known natural stone, marble can’t be found in as many colors and patterns as quartz, or even granite, but its beauty is unmistakable.  Feel free to use it for beating dough and rolling pie crusts, but use caution with knives, and acidy citrus.

Man-Made Materials

Laminates:  You may remember the brand name “Formica,” but forget what your parents or grandparents had on their countertops!  Today’s laminates come in a dizzying array of patterns and colors and may provide a great, less expensive though somewhat less durable and heat resistant alternative to other materials.

Solid Surface:  Most commonly sold under the brand name “Corian,” this material is durable, available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and can be molded to fit many applications.  It can be damaged by hot pans and also scarred with knives, but much minor damage can actually be sanded out. Further, it does not require sealing.


The great thing about tile is that, if you have a little imagination, the possibilities are literally endless.  You can customize a countertop with solid white tiles from end to end, mix up a pattern of every color or texture in the rainbow or anything in between!  Further, if a tile ever cracks, they can be easily replaced. Add to this the fact that tile is very scratch and heat resistant and, overall, it can be a very durable, as well as customizable, solution for your new kitchen countertop!

If nothing in this list suits you, ask your local home center or contractor about limestone, crushed glass, butcher block, or even concrete for that industrial look!