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Open concept kitchens are very much sought after by today’s modern homebuyer. An open concept kitchen makes the area appear larger, and it creates more space for a family to be together because they are usually connected to the family room or dining room or both. Open concept means that barriers do not exist. One room flows into the next, and it can create cohesiveness and togetherness in all of these spaces. 

Floor Plans

Most commonly, the open concept kitchen will combine the kitchen, family room, and dining room. There will be no walls between these spaces, but these spaces will still have some distinct features. This floor plan also creates a space completely designed for gathering and socializing. Cooking, eating, and relaxing can all take place in the same area.

Another way that the open concept kitchen can be created is by combining the kitchen and the dining area. This allows for food to be prepared, served, and enjoyed in the same place. There are a lot of positives to these floor plans. Overall, entertaining in open concept areas is easier because it allows for the host to cook while guests have room to mingle or you can drink your coffee while you watch the morning news.


Because all rooms are connected to one another without any barriers, the design is important. You want each room to have a cohesive feel, and incorporating design elements that help one room flow into the other is important. Using the same paint color throughout is a good idea, and using similar accent colors also helps bring each room together. You can do this by choosing throw pillows for your family room couch that match the window treatments in the kitchen and the decor on the dining room table. 

Positives of the Open Concept

Now, as we have touched upon throughout this article, the open concept kitchen can be great in so many ways. It creates a space for socialization and community within the home. It also allows more light in because there are fewer walls, and it can make your space feel bigger because it eliminates structures (walls) that are unnecessary.

Drawbacks of the Open Concept

Finally, there are some drawbacks that exist when it comes to the open concept design. First, it does require more organization and cleaning because each room is connected to one another. This means if there is a mess in the kitchen, you will be able to see it in the living room. The open concept also creates a more informal look to the home. If you are someone who wants a formal dining room or living room, the open concept may not be for you. Also, you may lose some storage capabilities because you lose some walls. This means that there is less place for cabinets.

Overall, the layout and design of your home is a very personal decision. The open concept kitchen fits the needs of some people, but it may not be what everyone wants. Thinking about how you want your space to function is important before deciding on the layout of your home. Hopefully these points help you with your decision.