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Your fireplace is the primary focal point in the room. It creates balance, and when designed correctly, it becomes that part of the room that draws you and welcomes you to stay. And today’s trendy home builders and homeowners alike continue to be drawn to reclaimed wood, brick, and stone fireplaces that help create that warm and cozy feeling.

If stone is the material you select, it is important to consider the different options available to you, and what stone will best suit the personality of your home. This list below provides insight into the stone categories that you will need to choose from.

  • Manufactured or natural – This really comes down to personal preference as today’s manufactured stones have a natural or “real” appearance to them, and one might not realize that the stone isn’t real until approaching closely. Even then, it is often difficult to tell them apart. And the cost isn’t all that far apart nowadays either, though you will likely find the manufactured stone is priced just a bit less than its real counterpart. So, it really comes down to durability. As a manufactured stone is usually tinted with a paint color to achieve the desired look, it is more likely that these stones will begin to fade or discolor over time, whereas a natural stone fireplace will hold its original look. Manufactured stone, on the other hand, is much lighter in weight and is, therefore, easier to install.
  • Cut and color – With stone fireplaces, and anything made out of stone, there are a variety of cuts to consider. Really, this is about the look you are trying to achieve. Are you looking for an elegant and formal look, or maybe a rustic look for your lake home, or maybe a very clean look to go with your modern décor; again, this is all about your personal preference. In this case, you will want to consider the furniture in the room, and the carpet that you will be installing (or that is already in place).

Very much tied to design as we outline below, is ensuring you are familiar with the common cuts that many people select from today. You’ll see terms such as stacked stone, mountain ledge, rough cut, country rubble, and more. These are all various cuts that your stone fireplace can be designed with.

  • Design – This will often be driven by the type of space that you are working with, as well as the type of home (colonial, arts & crafts, etc.) that you have. You will also need to consider the style of the mantel that will accompany your fireplace, as this may work better with some stones and cuts over others. A key factor for your mantel design will be the clearance above the fireplace, which is often driven by the fireplace manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions. Floating mantels are becoming more and more popular and can be made from most materials to match the overall look that you are going for.
  • Hearth – Some homeowners are electing to forego the traditional hearth, which is the bench-style structure set just underneath the fireplace mechanism. Again, this may be driven by the space you are working with, and more likely by the safety precautions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

If you have any questions about restoring your stone fireplace or other stonework in your home, contact us today!