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Homeowners looking for long-standing appeal often turn to gray stone countertops, as they add elegance, durability, and an upscale feel to their kitchens and bathrooms.  The natural, singular quality that gray stone provides gives your home a timeless appearance that will please you for a lifetime.  

Homeowners also tend to need ideas for decoration that will showcase their investment.  If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably looking for a way to make your counters a showpiece in your home.  Continue reading for advice on complementing your counters with a variety of home decoration ideas.  

Gray Stone Counters-The Draw

Your gray stone counters leave nothing to be desired. Stone is durable and traditional and gray is compatible with almost any color palette.  Gray stone counters will continue to serve your home well throughout your life, yet they are able to complement the newest of appliances and fixtures.  

Gray Color Schemes – The Upside

Designing your kitchen or bathroom around your gray counters is an intelligent choice. Again, gray will work with the most modern appliances, but can still be versatile in its range.  Do not think that a gray counter is automatically a dull, lifeless thing. Instead, select from options such as greige, taupe, slate, and gray-green. The possibilities are varied and regardless of your choice, you will be able to change the look of your room without having to update your counters.  

Therefore, once you have chosen the stone and palette, a room can be designed around it. 

How to Complement your Gray Stone Counters

There is a myriad of ways you can design your kitchen around your new Gray Stone Counters.  Below are a few choice options:

  • Cabinets: While a two-tone gray might be popular, white or traditional wood tones make the best contrast that will make your new counters shine.  Remember, choose a color or finish that matches the undertone of your counters. 
  • Appliances: Obviously, you have many choices as almost anything will go with your new gray counters.  Black, white, and gray will all look wonderful and help your counters. Stainless steel is also an option that many choose, which complements the counters well. When you make your selection, decide whether you wish for the appliances to be the star, or if your counters will catch the eye of anyone who enters. 
  • Backsplashes: While gray stone counters are anything but bland, you might be worried about whether the color will bore those around it.  A patterned backsplash can attract the eye and increase the elegance of your room. 
  • Walls: Though it may be tempting to keep to a mono-tone palette, having your walls and your counters gently contrast one another will add to the visual appeal of your room.  White and soft grays pair well, as do dark gray and white with warm tones.    

In the end, you are the one who will be using and living with your counters.  Take your time and make a decision you know you will enjoy for years to come.