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One of the best parts about a granite countertop is its beautiful shine. Regular maintenance can help keep up the countertop’s finish. However, over many years, this shine will start to diminish. This can be due to physical or chemical damage, along with regular wear. When it comes to replacing your countertop, granite costs anywhere between $45 to $200 per square foot to replace. Luckily, if you are looking for more affordable options, there are many ways to restore your granite instead of replacing it. Most of these repairs can be done at home, but some of them will require hiring a professional.


Regular maintenance will help extend the life of your granite countertops. Many dull countertops are caused by chemical etching. Granite countertops should only be cleaned with products that are neither abrasive nor acidic, which eliminates most household cleaners. Granite specific cleaners are available and will help to remove previous soap scum. You can also use a soap film remover to remove the buildup if regular cleaning is not sufficient. Another important step in countertop maintenance is regular resealing. Applying a stone sealer from time to time is recommended to create a more repellant, antibacterial surface. You should also have your granite professionally resealed about every 4 years to ensure a long-lasting shine.


There are a few ways to repair your granite if it gets damaged in some way. Small scratches and chips can be repaired using an epoxy filler. These fillers are widely available at hardware stores and can be used to seal small cracks and chips in your countertop. The countertop will have to be sanded and resealed after the use of one of these epoxies.

Chemical etching and food stains are other mild forms of damage that can be repaired at home. Use polishing powder on damaged areas to remove imperfections and improve the look of your granite. Steel wool can also be used for more minor repairs. Be sure to use caution with these products, as they are very abrasive to your countertops, even though they work very well.


Unless you are willing to paint or apply laminate to your granite countertops, they will eventually need to be refinished if the finish is damaged. A professional granite restoration expert is necessary if your countertops are past home repair. We use large, precise machines to bring back the shiny, original finish. Ask your installation expert if he knows of a local reputable restoration expert, as often they are not the same exact areas of expertise.  Castles Home Service is a highly reputable restoration expert to check out in the California area.


Granite countertops last at least 15 years when properly taken care of, and usually longer. If you must replace your countertops, be sure to compare the prices online to the ones locally. The local options allow you to avoid shipping, but still may not be the best deal. You may be able to save money if you are less specific you are about the pattern of stone that you want. However, replacing granite countertops should be a last resort after pursuing all other restoration options.